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Filing DateDescriptionFiling TypeSECXML/XBRL
11/14/2018Quarter Ended September 30, 201810-Q
08/14/2018Quarter Ended June 30,201810-Q
07/20/2018Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership4
07/20/2018Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership4
07/20/2018Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership4
05/15/2018Quarter Ended March 31, 201810-Q
04/27/2018Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownsership4
03/30/2018Year-To-Date Ended December 31, 201710-K
11/09/2017Quarter Ended September 30, 201710-Q
08/10/2017Quarter Ended June 30, 201710-Q
05/12/2017Quarter Ended March 30, 201710-Q
03/30/2017Year-To-Date Ended December, 31 201610-K
11/14/2016Quarter Ended September 30, 201610-Q
08/15/2016Quarter Ended June 30, 201610-Q
05/12/2016Quarter Ended March 31, 201610-Q
03/28/2016Year-To-Date Ended December 31, 201510-K
11/16/2015Quarter Ended September 30, 201510-Q
08/13/2015Quarter Ended June 30, 201510-Q
05/14/2015Quarter Ended March 31, 201510-Q
03/26/2015Year-To-Date Ended December 31, 201410-K
11/14/2014Quarter Ended, September 30, 201410-Q
08/13/2014Quarter Ended June 30, 201410-Q
05/12/2014Quarter Ended March 31, 201410-Q
03/19/2014Year-To-Date Ended December 31, 201310-K
11/13/2013Quarter Ended September 30, 201310-Q
08/09/2013Quarter Ended June 30, 201310-Q
05/15/2013Quarter Ended March 31, 201310-Q
04/01/2013Year-To-Date Ended December 31, 201210-K
11/14/2012Quarter Ended September 30, 201210-Q
10/02/2012Quarter Ended June 30, 2012 Amendments10-Q/A
08/10/2012Quarter Ended June 30, 201210-Q
05/15/2012Quarter Ended March 31, 201210-Q
03/29/2012Year-To-Date Ended December 31, 201110-K
11/10/2011Quarter Ended September 30, 201110-Q
08/12/2011Quarter Ended June 30, 201110-Q
05/11/2011Quarter Ended March 31, 201110-Q